Welcome to Barefoot Nutrition!

This space is a documentation of my exploration of ancestral nutrition, herbal medicine and wild food, integrated into modern living. My intention is to help shift your perspective from diet dogmas towards connection to real food from the earth. Anchored in the traditional lifeways of our ancestors, I take inspiration from ancient medicine systems such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), wisdom from various First Nations traditions, and scientific theory from Western modern medicine, integrating these teachings into a heart-centred approach.

At Barefoot Nutrition, I like to frame food as a bigger picture – rather than myopic depictions of calories and macronutrients, I encourage the exploration of food as nourishment, medicine, movement, play, culture, learning and more. Ancestral nutrition connects us deeply to our genetic roots and landscape, wild foods and herbs nourish our bodies on a cellular level, and natural movement patterns from foraging and gardening strengthen our bodies into finding practical strength and natural alignment.

To me, food represents love, culture, community, and an expression of the seasons connecting us to earth. When I’m not gathering or growing, I love shopping locally for fresh ingredients, carefully preparing them through traditional methods, and sharing the abundance with friends, family and the community.

Welcome to my tribe, where we treat nutrition as nourishment, medicine, and wisdom; foraging as movement and play; and cooking and eating as joy, experimentation, and connection.

Thanks for being here!

Kayla MacDonald, R.H.N.